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About us 

    Our daily curriculum begins with breakfast (warmed of course), followed by individual & group activities in our nursery followed by gourmet snacks....., supervised courtyard playtime, & generally sleep. FYI - We constantly introduce new, interactive, & stimulating toys/materials to ours cats.

     As you are shopping for your new baby please be aware of scams!! If the breeder you have contacted wants a deposit before meeting the kittens this is a red flag. We want you to come visit with us to meet the moms and babies and personally pick out your new family member. We have a "Cat Room" complete with a jungle gym of shelves and hiding places. Your kitten is guaranteed to be spoiled-rotten and well socialized.


    You can place a $500 non-refundable deposit when visiting to hold your kitten until that baby can go to its forever home. This deposit goes towards the overall price of the kitten and the remaining balance (cash preferably unless other arrangements have been made) will be due upon kitten pick up after the kitten is already spayed and neutered. You can then sign our contract which gives you all the information you need about the litter, the parents, and our health guarantee. Our kittens are $2200. We do produce Odd eye kittens and these are $2700. Please note we do have a small wait list for Odd eye babies as well as black solid or blue solid kittens as we don't tend to produce these kittens as often.


     Sphynx kittens require warm blankets, lots of love and attention, and some maintenance including baths and weekly ear cleaning. Please do some research on the breed when deciding which is right for you and your family. While usually a good choice for those who are allergic, if you would like to come by just to see if these cats are a good match we would love to accommodate you and your family and give it a try!


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