Available Babies!

Updated as of July 2, 2022:

Because we have so many inquiries for kittens, we do not have any babies readily available. Our waitlist is about a year or less out. Please visit our Contact Us Page and fill out an inquiry. By filling out our inquiry, you are placing your name on the waitlist, and we will reach out to you as soon as we reach your name.

Please make sure to check your email and respond in a timely manner as our kittens do go fast! Thank you everyone for your patience. Our waitlist is longer for females than males. We tend to produce more seal point and creams than black or blue. We apologize for a longer wait for these particular kittens.

Even though you may not hear back from us for 6 months or so, we will reach as soon as we have reached your inquiry and see if you have already adopted or if you are still interested. We are currently speaking to those who put their names on the waitlist in November 2021. <3

Add us on Instagram in the meantime @SphynxClubhouse and check out our FAQ Page on this website!

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